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What We Teach:
What happens in
Bubble Babies Classes?

The Bubble Babies approach to Baby Swimming has been inspired by studies of the Amazonian and Polynesian peoples who teach their babies to swim in a wonderfully playful and happy manner in the warm water of the river pools.

By firmly establishing the principles of good swimming technique in an encouraging, happy environment, Bubble Babies aims to create multi-skilled, water-confident, safety-conscious swimmers with a lifelong love, respect and enjoyment of the water.

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During our carefully planned and progressive lessons, we combine songs, games, races and adventures to teach invaluable aquatic skills in an equally fun and dynamic way.

The instructor works closely alongside you in the pool to demonstrate clearly how you can both enjoy the water without being restricted by armbands! 

You will learn several methods of holding your baby to stimulate movement of the legs and arms and will encourage them to move around on their fronts and backs and to roll between the two. 


You will also enjoy the sensations of floating and swimming in a variety of ways with your baby close to your body and will use various swimming aids to encourage your child towards independence in the water. 


We go underwater by submerging, jumping and diving and all along you will be acquiring essential safety skills.

As your child increases in strength, ability and confidence, each week they will focus on the body position, arms and legs and breathing for the different swimming strokes.


Bubble Babies will also scull, forwards and backwards, tread water and roll and tuck from front to back.

Rocketing (gliding) through the water to their parent on their fronts and backs, children often make their first independent swims without even realising it as they are caught up in all the fun and imagination that is always a fundamental part of Bubble Babies.


As they attempt gradually more complex jumps and dives, through underwater hoops and picking up seal sticks from the bottom, Bubble Babies also get to grips with the pool rules and water safety in general.


They learn to enter and leave the pool safely in different ways and to enjoy the water while at the same time respecting it.  

With parent and child luxuriating in the warm water and air temperatures, optimum conditions are achieved: comfortable and relaxed you can maximise on your swimming session, focusing purely on your child’s enjoyment, skills and progress.  ​

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Needless to say, landmark achievements are often swift in coming and are always intensely satisfying for all those involved. 


The carefully structured lessons ensure that a whole range of activities and equipment is introduced, leading to baby being confident, happy and safe in the water, ABOVE and BELOW!

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