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The Benefits of Bubble Babies Swimming Classes

The multi-sensory stimulation provided in Bubble Babies classes may encourage development of the brain, a keener alertness and good social skills.

As baby begins to accumulate the skills Bubble Babies has nurtured, his self-esteem and confidence soars. 


Attending Bubble Babies classes means that your swimming schedule becomes a highlight of the week.  It guarantees you regular sessions to focus purely on your beautiful baby in a warm and friendly environment.

Each lesson provides your child with a fantastic cardio-respiratory workout, strengthening muscles and developing stamina

Parents too grow in confidence; they have been the crucial facilitators of this amazing process!

Unfortunately drowning is one of the highest causes of accidental death in children in the UK and for this reason safety skills are an integral part of the Bubble Babies experience.

Bubble Babies Lessons are lessons for life!

Over the years, hundreds of Bubble Babies parents and babies have enjoyed the many physiological and psychological development benefits of swimming and also the unique opportunity each week to have fun, relax together and bond.


Witness your child’s confidence grow as he looks forward to and thrives with Bubble Babies lessons and goes on to acquire those invaluable aquatic skills and lifelong love of the water.

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