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Bubble Babies
Swimming Classes



On Saturdays, children from 2 months to 5 years can luxuriate in the blissfully warm waters of Kingsley School Hydrotherapy Pool, Kettering. 


In friendly groups of maximum nine children (each with their parent), Bubble Babies enjoy the carefully planned, progressive lessons in a fun and dynamic way.

Each session is filled from beginning to end with stamina building exercises, swimming and safety skills, games, races and imagination.  One week they may be swimming through white water rapids to Treasure Island through caves and waterfalls being chased by crocodiles (inflatable of course!), the next they may be building a floating lodge for Justin Beaver!

Our Bubble Babies celebrate their progress and achievements with the colourful certificates and woven badges of the Swimming Teachers Association Stanley, Rockhopper and Starfish Award Schemes.

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'Erika makes us feel very welcome and the group is friendly.  Each session is varied and enjoyable yet essential to ensure we learn lots of different skills.  We look forward to each week!' Lisa, Freya's mum


On Thursdays, Bubble Babies from 2 months to 4 years can enjoy the blissfully warm waters of a private pool in a beautiful countryside setting in Great Cransley, Kettering.


With exclusive sizes of average 5 babies in a class, the children and their parents benefit from the fun of being with friends in a small group under the close supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. 

As your baby starts to kick harder, focuses himself in preparation for submersion and splashes his hands through the water with glee, you will celebrate your achievements by being awarded the STA’s Starfish Certificates and Badges.


As well as the normal scheduled classes, Bubble Babies offers an exclusive opportunity for groups of friends wanting to book their children into a private class specifically catering for their own particular needs.


If you would like to book a tailor made course of fun and dynamic swimming lessons as a group of 5 friends with children of a similar age, Thursday early afternoons may be available at any stage of the year.  Please contact Bubble Babies to discuss your babies' ages, the length of course you would like and to arrange course dates. 

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