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All You Need to Know for Bubble Babies
at Great Cransley

Venue: Mill Farm, Loddington Road, Great Cransley NN14 1PY


SAT NAV will only take you to the centre of Great Cransley so please study the map and description below before setting out.

picture of cransley pool.jpg

The Great Cransley Swimming Pool is in a private residence (Mill Farm) and is located on the Cransley Road/Loddington Road as close as you can get to the Cransley Reservoir. 


Look for the Bubble Babies sandwich board sign slightly back from the road, beside the entrance gate and head up the drive to park in the gravelled Car Park area at the top.  Signs will then show you the way to access the pool.


Entrance to Swimming Pool

Aim to arrive for your lesson about 10 minutes before the class begins. 


Leave your car in the gravelled area for parking just a few metres from the swimming pool and enter the pool through the door pictured above.


There are two changing rooms (male and female).


Please bring along a changing mat.


There are no nappy bins at Great Cransley so please take your used nappies home with you.


Please remove your shoes and socks before entering the changing rooms.


Please no eating or drinking in the Changing Rooms or Pool Side.


Your baby will need to wear a snug fitting disposable swimming nappy that forms a tight seal around the legs and waist with a non disposable cloth swimming nappy over the top. You should make sure that you bring some spare disposable nappies, as a soiled one will have to be removed immediately.


Please no jewellery to be worn. 


Please no chewing gum. 


Please keep the changing room benches clear of your belongings so that other people can use them while you are swimming.  There are pegs to hang clothes on.  Please don’t leave valuables unattended.


Please use the shower before swimming.


Please do not enter the water until the teacher is present and your lesson is scheduled to start. 


Make sure you dry your baby’s ears well after your swim and put a warm hat on before going outdoors in cold or wet, windy weather.


Never bring your baby swimming if they have any form of ear, eye, nose, throat or chest infection, diarrhoea, chicken pox or measles.  Wait until symptoms have completely cleared for at least 48 hours, or the doctor has given the all clear, before returning. 


Ideally try not feed your baby in the hour before class.


Due to the high demand for places, only one parent is able to accompany baby in the pool during classes.  You are very welcome, however, to take it in turns if you both want to swim with perhaps mum in the pool one week and dad in the next!


Please check your mobiles before coming to your lessons as occasionally classes may have to be cancelled at short notice.


Please feel welcome to ask questions and give feedback.


Remember, the most important aspect of Baby and Parent Swimming Lessons is to have fun and relax.  Always respect your baby’s unique individual pace and take time to give plenty of love, praise and trust.


Guests are welcome to observe from poolside (if Covid restrictions allow) but should also remove their shoes. 


Please no eating or drinking on poolside. 


Please ask permission before taking photographs/video. 

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