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Bond with your Bubble Baby in a fun, loving and gentle approach to swimming that ensures your child is confident and content in water. 

Swimming Classes

Bubble Babies Swimming Classes

The Bubble Babies approach to Baby Swimming has been inspired by studies of the Amazonian and Polynesian peoples who teach their babies to swim in a wonderfully playful and happy manner in the warm water of the river pools.  

By firmly establishing the principles of good swimming technique in an encouraging, happy environment, Bubble Babies aims to create multi-skilled, water-confident, safety-conscious swimmers with a lifelong love, respect and enjoyment of the water.


Classes at Kingsley School, Kettering


On Saturdays, children from 2 months to 5 years can luxuriate in the blissfully warm waters of Kingsley School Hydrotherapy Pool, Kettering. 


In friendly groups of maximum eight children (each with their parent), Bubble Babies enjoy the carefully planned, progressive lessons in a fun and dynamic way.

Each session is filled from beginning to end with stamina building exercises, swimming and safety skills, games, races and imagination.  One week they may be diving off their water taxi when it runs out of fuel and swimming to shore to get some more,  another week they may be swimming down 'Whitewater Alley' to Treasure Island through caves and waterfalls being chased by crocodiles (inflatable of course!).

Our Bubble Babies celebrate their progress and achievements with the colourful certificates and woven badges of the Swimming Teachers Association Stanley, Rockhopper and Starfish Award Schemes.

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 Classes at Great Cransley, Kettering

On Thursdays, Bubble Babies from 2 months to 3 years can enjoy the blissfully warm waters of a private pool in a beautiful countryside setting in Great Cransley, Kettering.


With exclusive sizes of typically 4 babies in a class, the children and their parents benefit from the fun of being with friends in a small group under the close supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor

As your baby starts to kick harder, focuses himself in preparation for submersion and splashes his hands through the water with glee, you will celebrate your achievements by being awarded the STA’s Starfish Certificates and Badges.


As well as the normal scheduled classes, Bubble Babies offers an exclusive opportunity for groups of friends wanting to book their children into a private class specifically catering for their own particular needs.


If you would like to book a tailor made course of fun and dynamic swimming lessons as a group of four/five friends with children of a similar age, Thursdays at around 12.30pm may be available at any stage of the year.  Please contact Bubble Babies to discuss your babies' ages, the length of course you would like and to arrange course dates. 

Bubble Babies for life!

Over the years, hundreds of Bubble Babies parents and babies have enjoyed the many physiological and psychological development benefits of swimming and also the unique opportunity each week to have fun, relax together and bond.


Witness your child’s confidence grow as he looks forward to and thrives with Bubble Babies lessons and goes on to acquire those invaluable aquatic skills and lifelong love of the water.

'Erika makes us feel very welcome and the group is friendly.  Each session is varied and enjoyable yet essential to ensure we learn lots of different skills.  We look forward to each week!' Lisa, Freya's mum

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Underwater Photo Shoots
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Underwater Photo Shoots

A beautiful photograph portrait of your baby swimming under the water captures a priceless moment to treasure forever and is a unique and wonderful memory of your child’s earliest achievements.

Our Underwater Photo Shoots take place twice a year in March/April and December and are open to everyone who would like to have a beautiful photograph portrait of their baby underwater (as long as baby is used to and happy about submerging). 


Photography company Underwater Art specialise in beautiful shots of the whole family: baby, siblings and parents above and below the water. 

You can order a range of picture sizes from passport right through to posters with the option to print your photographs on canvas for that staggering oil painting look!  

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The Bubble Babies Experience

The Bubble Babies Experience

The Bubble Babies approach to Baby Swimming has been inspired by studies of the Amazonian and Polynesian peoples who teach their babies to swim in a wonderfully playful and happy manner in the warm water of the river pools.


During our carefully planned and progressive lessons, we combine songs, games, races and adventures to teach invaluable aquatic skills in an equally fun and dynamic way.


The instructor works closely alongside you in the pool to demonstrate clearly how you can both enjoy the water without being restricted by armbands! 



You will learn several methods of holding your baby to stimulate movement of the legs and arms and will encourage them to move around on their fronts and backs and to roll between the two. 


You will also enjoy the sensations of floating and swimming in a variety of ways with your baby close to your body and will use various swimming aids to encourage your child towards independence in the water. 


We go underwater by submerging, jumping and diving and all along you will be acquiring essential safety skills.




As your child increases in strength, ability and confidence, each week they will focus on the body position, arms and legs and breathing for the different swimming strokes. They will also scull, forwards and backwards, tread water and roll and tuck from front to back. Rocketing through the water to their parent on their fronts and backs, children often make their first independent swims without even realising it as they are caught up in all the fun and imagination that is always a fundamental part of Bubble Babies.

As they attempt gradually more complex jumps and dives, through underwater hoops and picking up seal sticks from the bottom, Bubble Babies also get to grips with the pool rules and water safety in general. They learn to enter and leave the pool safely in different ways and to enjoy the water while at the same time respecting it.  

With parent and baby luxuriating in the warm water and air temperatures, optimum conditions are achieved: comfortable and relaxed you can maximise on your swimming session, focusing purely on baby’s enjoyment, skills and progress. 

Needless to say, landmark achievements are often swift in coming and are always intensely satisfying for all those involved. 


The carefully structured lessons ensure that a whole range of activities and equipment is introduced, leading to baby being confident, happy and safe in the water, ABOVE and BELOW!

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The Benefits of Bubble Babies Swimming Classes

The multi-sensory stimulation provided in Bubble Babies classes may encourage development of the brain, a keener alertness and good social skills.




As baby begins to accumulate the skills Bubble Babies has nurtured, his self-esteem and confidence soars. 



Parents too grow in confidence; they have been the crucial facilitators of this amazing process!


Attending Bubble Babies classes means that your swimming schedule becomes a highlight of the week.  It guarantees you regular sessions to focus purely on your beautiful baby in a warm and friendly environment.

Each lesson provides your child with a fantastic cardio-respiratory workout, strengthening muscles and developing stamina

Unfortunately drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK and for this reason safety skills are an integral part of the Bubble Babies experience.

Meet the Instructor

Meet the Instructor


Bubble Babies has been my passion since 2004. 


In that time, I have taught hundreds of children and their parents by being in the pool with them, demonstrating at close quarters by enthusiastic example. 


I firmly believe that laughter,  enjoyment, comfort and relaxation are key factors in achieving success.




Diving for Seal Sticks!

Erika's Bubble Baby son


STA Baby and Pre-School

STA Teaching Swimming Beginners

Erika underwater with her own Bubble Baby daughter

Postgraduate Certificate of Education

As a result my carefully structured lesson plans are packed with calm, bonding, confidence building experiences, gradually more challenging skills and ultimately dynamic, exciting activities which are above all FUN!

DBS Checked

What Bubble Babies Parents Say

What Bubble Babies Parents Say

‘Bubble Babies is absolutely fantastic!  It’s such a fun way to build confidence and learn new skills in a nurturing and supportive environment.  Erika is a brilliant teacher always making the sessions enjoyable with songs, games and activities.  Our little girl has thrived taking part in these lessons, going from no swimming experience to swimming a whole length by herself.  We highly recommend it’. Emily's Mum


'Going to Bubble Babies with Erika was fantastic in every way. We are both good swimmers and water confident but weren't really sure what you could do with a baby in the water apart from swish them about a bit. Erika taught us to be safe and water confident with our 3 month old son in a really fun way. We enjoyed learning with him and sharing the fun of the water. We tried and learnt so many new things that we definitely wouldn't have done if we had just taken him swimming on our own. It was a really friendly group and have made some good friends, both for us and our son. Over two years later our son is like a little fish in water, we are still building on Erika's techniques and are very grateful for the fun water confident gift that Erika has given us.' Alice, Leo's mum

At the end of her time at Bubble Babies, Sophie (Evie’s mum) wrote, ‘We've thoroughly enjoyed our swimming lessons and will really miss them - Saturday mornings have been such a highlight in my week!  You're a fantastic teacher and you do an absolutely amazing job! Thank you so much for having us and for teaching Evie to swim - we will really miss you!’

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'As part of my health visiting job, I have recommended many of my new Mums to Bubble Babies sessions. In these sessions parents gain confidence in their own abilities and how to promote water skills with their babies. All the people I have recommended have thoroughly enjoyed these classes. Parents have been enthused by excellent teaching and a nice relaxed atmosphere and many friendships have been forged through the classes. They have appealed to a wide range of parents and have been encouraging of Dads becoming involved too, promoting swimming as a family event.' Sue, Health Visitor


At the end of her time at Bubble Babies Amanda, who brought her first son Connor and then later Kealan, wrote: ‘We have had a wonderful time learning to swim with you.  It’s a very special group you have and we will miss it and you dearly.  I definitely have two wonderful bubble babies thanks to your fabulous lessons’.

‘Thank you for making swimming so much fun.  We felt very tearful when we left yesterday-we’ve enjoyed it so much.  Just wish they could stay for a little bit longer.’ Charlotte (mum to Arthur, Poppy and Tilly, who have all learned to swim at Bubble Babies, on her last day!)

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